How To Keep Your Interior Door Secure

Simply stated, an interior door is any exterior door which doesn’t provide access to your interior to your property, such as a bedroom, living room, bathroom or basement door. Interior doors and accessories have come a long way over the years. Today’s interior doors are made of high quality products and can be custom made to fit your unique door and doorframe style. Before you start selecting what kind of interior doors and accessories you’d like for your house, you ought to go room-by room and create a list of exactly how many interior doors you’ll need and what their main function will be.

The main interior door function is to keep you inside your property and keep prying eyes out. To this end, you’ll require high security doors, sliding interior doors with magnetic closures, deadbolt, interior doors and safety glides. Other interior doors swing open with the flick of a lever or with a turn of a dial. It’s also very important to ensure that your interior doors swing open securely and safely – an inexpensive and easily installed security shield or gate can prevent against intruders trying to force their way in.

You need to think about which doors to buy and which ones to avoid. Sliding doors allow you to move seamlessly between rooms without the fuss of opening and closing a heavy door all the time. These are also a great solution for people who don’t want to mess with traditional swinging doors or pocket doors that constantly get stuck in clothes and hair. Sliding pocket doors are often installed on wall edges, making them accessible from the inside while also providing easy access to your patio, backyard or front porch. Pocket doors come equipped with a magnetic lock to ensure that they are safe to use in a secured environment.

If you’re concerned that security might be lacking around your property then there are a number of non-susceptible interior doors that will allow you to feel secure without having to compromise your flush wall door functionality. Wall interior doors are perfect for any part of the house or part of the garden where you would like to separate areas from one another, such as a back yard from the rest of the garden. Doorstops can also be installed between any two walls in order to make a stairway and create a partition for a room. Wall-mounted doors and swing doors offer the best of both worlds – a door with a hinge and sliding door or gate that can swing open or closed along its hinges. There are also a wide range of interior door types that are both swing and slide, including pocket, frosted and patterned glass panes and wood panel doors.

Another way to ensure that your interior doors are as secure as possible is to install a window or sliding barrier. Window bars of varying heights and styles are available and offer the security of a solid door, while adding an attractive design element to your interior. Much like window bars, sliding doors are made from various materials, including steel, aluminum and plastic. The best ones are fitted with a window bar that locks securely, so you can be sure that intruders cannot simply push their bodies through.

It’s important to make your interior door as secure as you can. There are some simple ways to improve the security of your door, which include using deadbolts, installing a locking device on the interior door, keeping windows and sliding doors locked, and using a window sticker or magnetic strip to label your interior door. It’s also important to protect yourself and your family from any possibility of intrusion. Remember to place your emergency contact information in a safe place in your home and take extra precautions when leaving your doors unlocked. With these steps, you will help you maintain your peace of mind at home.

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